5 steps that could end the plastic pollution crisis – and save our ocean

Can you imagine what 93 basketballs weigh? Or what the equivalent amount of plastic looks like?

That was the average amount produced per person in 2016, according to a reportfrom the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

It’s packed full of eye-watering statistics and predictions – including that if business continues as usual, by 2030 the amount of plastic pollution on the planet will double, with oceans the most visibly affected. So what can we learn and how can we turn that into an opportunity?

Taming the beast

While we all know plastic pollution is ballooning, most of us are less well versed on what can be done to tame it. That’s where the WWF’s new report, Solving Plastic Pollution Through Accountability, is helpful, offering five key areas where real efforts could reap results.

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