EcoBalance Lifestyle Digital Magazine

EcoBalance Lifestyle Magazine will be focusing on bringing balance back into our everyday lives through articles and features that encourage making the right choices and changes within our environment. “Living in harmony with your environment”

The idea to launch EBL was when I was on a trip to Bali in 2018. It is here that I saw just how bad the pollution was, the interesting thing is that I never saw drastic pollution in the ocean or on the beaches it was deep in the jungles, country side whilst exploring this beautiful island. It was like a lightbulb moment for me on the angle I wanted … lifestyle, eco and how to bring balance into a transitional journey to a living in harmony with the environment. I always knew I wanted to launch a magazine, I just couldn’t feel energised about what I had thought of doing until this trip.

Our aim is to give informative, inspiring yet honest articles that are making a difference to our environment.

The magazine features products and advertising that have a strong environmentally friendly, green focus or are bio-degradeable (easily broken down) and practice sustainability values.