Save the Albatross

Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean.
More than 2000 miles from the nearest continent

If this short clip doesn’t hit home what is going on and why we need to do something about our habits nothing will. We are destroying our planet and everything living on it including ourselves. We are all custodians of our planet, the planet is yours to cherish not destroy it. We are all a vital piece of the puzzle to keeping it from dying, yes that does sound harsh it’s a simple reality when the planet dies so will the human race die. What legacy are we leaving behind? No legacy will be left behind to leave.
Sadly there are too many fence sitters or its not my problem, or plain old ignorance out there. It’s time to make a difference.
You may look at this trailer and say “oh wow this is hectic” , yes it is, consider this, we as humans have a hand in this!


albatross chic