20th Penguin Awareness Day

31st National Cleanliness Day

2nd World Wetland Day

4th World Cancer Day

14th Valentine’s Day

15th Earthworm Day

15th Whole Whale Day

17th Family Day

20th World Day of Social Justice

27th Polar Bear Day

29th Leap Day for Frogs

3rd World Wildlife Day

8th International Women’s Day

21st Human Rights Day South Africa

22nd World Water Day

23rd World Meteorological Day

30th Earth Hour (20:30-21:00)

31st March – 1st April National Water Week

4th  International Day for Mine Awareness

7th  World Health Day

12th  International Street Children’s Day

15th– 21st  World Week of Actions

22nd  International Earth Day

22nd  International Mother Earth Day

25th  Malaria Day

25th  African Penguin Day

27th  Freedom Day

1st Workers Day

3rd – 9th International Compost Day

10th Mother’s Day

15th International Families Day

18th International Museum Day

22nd International Day for Biological Diversity

23rd World Turtle Day

25th Africa Day

1st National Children’s Day

5th National Environment Day

8th World Oceans Day

16th Youth Day

17th Combat Desertification & Drought Day

20th World Refugee Day

21st Father’s Day

11th World Population Day

12th Malala Day

14th Shark Awareness Day

15th World Youth Skills Day

18th Nelson Mandela Day

29th International Tiger Day

30th International Day of Friendship

30th International Day Against Human Trafficking

9th Day of World Indigenous People

9th National Women’s Day

10th World Lion Day

12th International Youth Day

12th World Elephant Day

19th World Humanitarian Day

20th World Mosquito Day

31st African Traditional Medicine Day

5th International Day of Charity

8th International Literacy Day

14th – 18th SA Clean-up & Recycle Week

15th International Day of Democracy

16th International Preservation of the Ozone Layer Day

20th SA Recycle Day

21st International Coastal Clean-up Day

21st International Day of Peace & Zero Emissions

22nd World Rhino Day

24th Hertiage Day

26th World Environment Health Day

27th World Tourism Day

4th World Animal Day

5th World Habitat Day

5th World Teacher Day

5th – 10th National Weed Buster Day

7th – 11th National Marine Week

13th International Day of Natural Disaster Reduction

14th World Environment Education Day

16th World Food Day

17th International Day for Eradication of Poverty

24th – 30th Disarmament Week

10th Worls Science Day for Peace & Development

14th World Diabetes Day

19th World Toilet Day

20th World Fisheries Day

24th Birding Day

25th International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

1st Worlds AIDS Day

2nd International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

3rd International Day for Persons with Disabilities

5th World Soil Day

10th International Human Rights Day

11th International Mountain Day

16th Day of Reconciliation

20th International Human Solidarity Day