Shiitake mushrooms

Virus & immunity: scientist points to mushroom extract Atop Japanese scientist has pointed to a powerful immune-boosting extract of the shiitake mushroom, called AHCC, [...]

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Toxic sunscreen

Toxic sunscreen bad for health, the planet South Africa has some of the highest incidence of malignant melanoma in the world, highlighting the critical [...]

Toxic sunscreen2020-01-31T14:34:59+02:00


HIGHLY ALLERGENIC RAGWEED INVADES SA This week scientists made a landmark discovery when ragweed – a highly allergenic weed native to North America – [...]

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New Free Cookbook

Cookbook makes the heart-health top of mind this braai day! The countdown to “National Braai Day” (24 September) has begun, but this year South Africans [...]

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