Finding Your INNER YOU

EcoBalance Lifestyle Magazine launches an interactive book for women

Finding Your INNER YOU

Mental Health (July)and Women’s Day / Month (August) should not be only once a year, the awareness should be ALL the time.
Sadly and unfortunately depression and abuse has risen ten-fold since lockdown.

Finding Your Inner YOU is a beautiful interactive beginner’s journal that has been specifically developed to help women discover their true self, who they aspire to be and what they want out of life, and to promote well-being.
A healthy mind promotes a healthy employee.

An ideal gift especially during these stressful times!

This journal is a helpful tool in managing inner emotions. It has simple but powerful exercises that can be done over a period of time. Mindfulness through discovery, that’s the idea behind this journal.

120 pages and A5 in size, its beautiful pages feature detailed exercises, encouraging quotes and plenty of room for the journaling of thoughts and creativity. Colouring pages add a wonderful calming and relaxing effect.

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