Innovative wildlife show, with Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar

In what could be the most spectacular wildlife viewing season ever, an innovate wildlife show from the Serengeti National Park, will be aired from May 2020 with a mission to conserve the Serengeti National Park during Covid-19.

See the Great Migration

The great migration of wildebeest and iconic African animals like lions and elephants are a draw card for tourists visiting the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.  There have been reports from around the world about the benefits to wildlife and the environment as a result of the ongoing lockdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic – but what is happening in the vast space of the Serengeti?

“We’re concerned about the devastating impact the reduction of travel and tourism is having on the revenue generated for conservation agencies. This could result in job losses and more broadly the livelihoods of people working in and living around protected areas. It also impacts the operations in the wilderness areas”, says Carel Verhoef – wildlife guide and host of the Serengeti Show Live.

“It does however, provide an opportunity to showcase the animals in their natural habitat, undisturbed by vehicles and tourists, in what could be the most spectacular wildlife viewing season in recent years. As the only people in the Serengeti National Park, we have a unique chance to capture and share this extraordinary park to a wider audience and to remind you to return to Tanzania as soon as possible”.

Economic Impact of Tourism

17.2% of GDP in Tanzania is generated by tourism and the National Parks rely heavily on income generated from the tourism sector. Parks struggle to operate with reduced revenue and the wildlife economy is bound to be affected – including protecting biodiversity from illegal bushmeat harvesting which may rise as poverty increases and food becomes scarcer.

For those dreaming of the world and its wonders during lockdown, the Serengeti Show Live team in conjunction with Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has set out on a mission to bring positive news, beautiful views, natural spaces and the wildlife of Africa to screens across the world.  Their mission is to entertain all wildlife and safari lovers during Covid-19. Stand-alone episodes with a narrative, take the viewer on a wildlife journey, teaching the audience about the natural world.

Devota Mdachi, Managing Director of TTB, says; “As we wait for a time when the world will open up again for travel, we are putting in place recovery strategies to ensure Destination Tanzania remains a preferred choice in the minds of prospective tourists.”

Live show will entertain and educate

With this in mind, TTB, in collaboration with Tanzania National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority have partnered with the Serengeti Show Live team to bring a highly visual wildlife show to the world to entertain and educate the viewers. The show features unique scenes from the Serengeti National Park, some emotional journeys and what takes place behind the scenes.

Each show will feature game drives with wildlife sightings, great migration updates and interesting, facts about Tanzania and life in the bush. The Kids’ Corner is a fun and interactive segment to entertain the little ones, who stand to win a family holiday, and in doing so hopefully create a generation of naturalists and conservationists to care for our planet.

Catch it on You Tube

The Serengeti Show Live can be viewed on from 01 May 2020 with 3 episodes broadcast on You Tube every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5pm East Africa Time (GMT +3 hours) in a 30 part series.

Complementing the show, TTB will share news from the highest point in Africa – Mt Kilimanjaro, where mountain crews will capture views of Uhuru Peak summit. The Spice Island of Zanzibar will also share visuals from their beautiful tropical island.

“This extraordinary wildlife needs tourism, which supports conservation efforts and extended communities. We wish to assure tourists that after this crisis we will be waiting to welcome them to Tanzania for an Unforgettable Experience – join us on this journey and enjoy the Serengeti Show” concludes Devota Mdachi.