Kiko Vital’s Sustainable Approach

Prioritising Women’s Health. Always.

With skyrocketing numbers of PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, skin issues and autoimmune diseases, Kiko Vitals has chosen to give back. Their first year of operations poured 100% of profits into studies and research. They focused their efforts not only on making the perfect product for women’s health and wellness but on scientific research and development, putting the community and the people in it first.


This is one of the reasons why KV has chosen to support the Cora project in the fight to end
period poverty and encourage education amongst township youth on menstrual care and

A Business Force for Good

Their vision is to reach true wellness and holistic well-being where people and nature connect
and thrive harmoniously. Humanity depends on the planet, and the planet depends on us to

Packaging With A Purpose

Kiko uses 95% plastic-free packaging. The glass bottles are reusable and made from recyclable
amber glass, while the plastic caps are fully recyclable. These are just some ways they are
suitable for you and Mother Earth.

Ingredients With Integrity

Kiko’s product comprises 100% organic; high-quality extracts sourced sustainably from an
internationally accredited supplier.

Certified Organic | Kosher + Halaal (specific ingredients) | Third-Party Testing + Certificate of
Analysis | Certified Vegetable Capsules

Minimising their carbon footprint – Kiko Vitals are locally manufactured in one of South Africa’s
leading laboratories and scientifically formulated by a highly qualified team of molecular
biologists, biotechnologists and engineers, with valuable assistance from natural healers.

Looking Towards The Future

Kiko Vitals places vast importance on the impact humans are having on Mother Earth. The only
earth we have. They are striving to achieve the following by 2023:
• Source ‘tree-free’ and plastic-free packaging – replacing plastic caps with aluminium
• Take an innovative tech approach to replace all paper inserts
• Close the sustainability cycle by providing compostable and refillable solutions
• Continue to invest profits into women’s health research
• Continue to achieve carbon neutrality
• Develop community programs & experiences for indigenous tribes around Africa to
maintain the heritage of South Africa

World Environment Day June 5 2022

KIKO celebrates World Environmental Day on June 5, 2022. This is the most significant day for
the environment based on global acknowledgement. The United Nations Environment
Programme leads it; this day has been held annually since 1974. Clearly, as the climate situation
worsens, the event grows in importance, with millions of people engaging to protect our planet.

How Can Individuals Be Drivers Of Change?

By supporting businesses that prioritise the environment, such as Kiko Vitals. The actions of businesses, both small and large, can transform and lessen the overall impact on future generations.

Kiko is an all-natural ingredients product made by women for women.

Their products are Vegan, Gluten-Free and GMO-Free.

All of their packaging is 100% recyclable, so it doesn’t harm our oceans.

Visit their website at to purchase Hormone Balance.

Make A Difference By Supporting Businesses That Prioritise The Environment!