No Ocean, No Life, No Ocean, No Us!

World Ocean Day – 8 June 2022

It’s where we pause to consider the impact we are making on our oceans, and how we can unite to restore and protect our oceans.


                        Photo-Credit-Sylvia Earle-IMG-0945-©Amos-Nachoum

“We got the whole future out there, and we have the chance to shape it. Do what you can do everyday to make a difference.– Sylvia Earle

The Oceans are the source of life on Earth, yet despite their vastness they are in trouble. Legendary marine explorer Sylvia Earle has a powerful solution. She founded Mission Blue, a Perpetual Planet initiative partner, and is igniting change through a global network of ‘Hope Spots’, marine-protected areas of critical vulnerability.


Mission Blue works through local communities and assists them to make the case for marine protection. The organization also promotes understanding of the real value of the living oceans on which we depend: from coral reefs to fish, seagrass and mangroves, all are vital in terms of maintaining the integrity of the seas and the planet itself.

“No ocean; no life. No ocean; no us” Sylvia Earle.

Discover more at and watch the Rolex Heroes of the Oceans documentary.


Making A Difference!