Plastic brick invention to launch in Cape Town

A new invention created by Donald Thompson, the CEO of The Center of Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC) can turn any plastic (clean or dirty) into sustainable building materials and is looking like a hopeful solution to the dire plastic pollution problem in South Africa – starting with Cape Town.

Imagine if all of the country’s unrecycled plastic waste, which currently totals roughly 1 100 000 tonnes a year, could create thousands of jobs while simultaneously cleaning up our environment and helping build homes, hospitals, schools, and roads.

The EcoArena Pre-Conditioned Resin Aggregate (PRA) and Ecoblock is an innovative environmentally-friendly product which incorporates regenerated waste plastic particles combined with a standard sand-cement mixture to produce a highly resistant, durable cement or cement block.

This cement block has been tested in Costa Rica for the past two years with great success. CRDC is also collaborating with international US chemicals giant Dow to further develop the EcoArena in a bid to develop a lead initiative for the alliance to end plastic waste.

The CRDC’s managing partner Deon Robertse says a pilot plant will launch in Cape Town by November 2019 and a full-scale factory can be expected in the first half of 2020.

In South Africa, CRDC has partnered with a leading operations company with extensive expertise and a long track record in on-site waste management, plastic recycling, waste to energy, and the implementation of zero waste to landfill solutions.

Donald Thompson and PEDREGAL, Costa Rica’s largest concrete block company, are introducing the EcoArena PRA to South Africa via an initial investor and partner roundtable, which will be held in Cape Town in early April.

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plastic concrete in south africa eco balance lifestyle

plastic brick invention to launch in cape town eco balance lifestyle