Struggling To Get Your Kids To Eat The Right Things?

3 reasons why you should pick this battle and 3 ways to win the war PLUS school fees for a year!

A wise man once said; “Choose your battles wisely because if you fight them all, you’ll be too tired to win the really important ones.” This is especially true when it comes to our children. According to Angela Leach, Head Dietician at FUTURELIFE®, one battle we should always pick (and the earlier it is fought, the easier it will be), is getting your child to eat healthy foods.

“Set your children up for life-long health and wellness by instilling the value of Smart Nutrition early on,” she advises.

This is, of course, easier said than done. Most moms have experienced first-hand how green, leafy veggies have the potential to escalate the battle into an all-out war. So what do you do? Do you give into them and serve up a plate of fast food, consoling yourself with the fact that ‘at least they’re eating something’?

Angela says, “Although this is tempting, and all parents have done this, it could snowball from there.”

A Battle Worth Picking

Angela believes that the first step to winning the war is to understand why Smart Nutrition is a battle-worthy cause in the first place –


Essential For Growth And Development

A balanced diet, which provides protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and adequate minerals and vitamins is critical for both physical growth and cognitive development. Without appropriate nutrition, young children are at a greater risk of disease and compromised development.


Improves Academic Performance

All parents want their children do their best at school. Studies1 have demonstrated that nutrition affects a child’s concentration, problem solving skills, behaviour, and health – all factors that impact academic performance.


Learning Healthy Choices Early On Will Help Them Throughout Their Lives-

The habits and lessons we learn as children form the basis of our choices as adults. Even as adults, poor nutrition compromises our performance and, ultimately, our health and quality of life.

Winning The Food Fight

If your child is a picky eater, you are not alone. Over 50% of parents report having fussy eaters2. Changing eating habits will not happen overnight. It takes perseverance, but it’s not impossible. Angela offers 3 simple ways to get started on the road to Smart Nutrition-


Start The Morning With A Nutritious Breakfast

The benefits of eating breakfast are vast – from balancing blood sugar levels to boosting your child’s energy and preventing overeating. Plus, eating breakfast reduces cravings, especially for sweets. Try a bowl of Kids Oat Cereal Bits and Multigrain Pops or a slice of the FUTURELIFE® High Protein Bread range – toast and serve with low-sugar, low-salt nut butter or scrambled egg and ¼ avocado pear.


Let Them Make Their Own Lunch

Getting your child to make their own lunch is the perfect opportunity to teach them about healthy eating, it will also help them take ownership and even reduces food waste. The key, however, is to offer them a special non-negotiable formula e.g.: a fruit, a protein (like a boiled egg or low-fat hard cheese), a starch (like FUTURELIFE® High Protein Low GI Brown Bread), and a healthy fat like nuts and a vegetable.


Avoid Foods High In Sugar

Start reading food labels and reduce the intake of foods that are high in added sugars. Limit sugary snacks to once a week and even then, offer healthier alternatives like the FUTURLIFE® High Protein Crunch bar or the FUTURELIFE® High Protein Light bar.

Not only is FUTURELIFE® here to help you win the battle, they’re taking it one step further! Parents who are set on pursuing Smart Nutrition stand a chance to win a year’s worth of school fees for their child by entering the FUTURELIFE® Start Smart Campaign.

How To Enter?

Buy any 3 FUTURELIFE® bread, bars or Kids’ cereals between 27 December 2021 and 1 March 2022 and WhatsApp your till slip to 087 240 7120 to enter. Go to to view a full list of participating products or to get more information on the Start Smart Campaign.

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