What you will need.
Empty egg shell, some potting soil, clean tomato seed, water and egg box.

You will need to rinse out the egg shell, fill up with potting soil, make a hole in the soil. Place a single seed into the hole, cover and water.
Water regularly. In no time your seedlings will be popping through the surgace.
Tip: Put the egg shell casing into an empty egg box as this gives stability whilst your seeds start to sprout.

This is what I had on Instagram.

Plant to eat. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing seeds from the very produce you have just eaten starting to sprout into seedlings.

I am a newbie to vegetable planting. I am currently preparing my raised vegetable beds. This coming weekend will be focused around soil preparation.
In the meantime I am determined to plant from fresh seeds as well as bought seed packs.
I have to admit that I am totally being a “mother hen” over the egg shell seed houses.
I cannot wait to see how these little beauties are going to flourish and taste.